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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Graduated, now looking for a job!

Here's a few new pieces,'s "Newborn" entry, and my two "Team CHoW" entries.

Team CHoW "Lore":
Haldis - Earthen Mage/Mage assassin

Haldis was a Demigod, a guardian spirit of stone and earth. Thousands of years before most races had even been seen in the world, he dwelt in the mountain named Nishtha, the highest mountain in the world. Inside the mountain's core, he resided in Crystal form, protecting the world and its nature.

Then the Dwarves came, burrowing deep into the mountain, and the mountains surrounding Nishtha. In it's death throes, Nishtha broke Haldis from his crystalline form, and placed his spirit in the form of man, and then caved in upon itself. To this day Nishtha is not alive, nor inhabitable, just a lifeless rock that crumbled in upon itself.

Haldis lived among humans in the west for many years, confused about his origins and the fact that he did not age as the other men did. He found that he had a strange fascination and closeness with nature, and eventually found the dryads on one of his many trips into the hills.

The dryads knew who he was immediately, sensing the power within him, and told him of his true destiny and power. In his youthful nature, more in mind and experience than in body, he let his anger overcome him before he was ready. He was repelled from the land in his attempt to attack the dwarves.

Since this time, Haldis has become isolated in the far corners of the world, staying near sand and water. He found water to be a willing ally, and so he stayed by it to meditate and learn what he could by himself.


Good: Haldis became closer to the earth. He found a true power not only in his own element, but in the other elements of nature, especially fire and its ability to pierce even the darkest places of the world. His skin became like stone, and the powers of the elements burned within him. He sought allies to aid in the restoration of the world, for if the Crace was not saved soon, no one would be alive to share it.

Evil: Haldis brooded as he meditated. He loathed the dwarves and the other races for being so blind to the truth. All he sought was destruction, for the only way to save the world would be to purge it of the disease known as the other races. He became filled with the power of water, drowning his spirit in a sea of hate, and his skin and his soul became as hard and lifeless as the dead Nishtha. He went back to the west with a group of like-minded individuals bent on destruction and death, and used the darkness to destroy all that threatened his world.

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